The HTC is a not for profit, 501C3 applicant, formed by several leading Oregon healthcare and technology professionals.

The founders identified a potential gap in the healthcare technology development community and formed an organization focused on digital health and health care technology. The goal was to provide a collaborative “Inventor Space” with the specific equipment needed to accelerate product development at the unique intersection of Healthcare and Technology.

In early conversations, it became clear that this idea had the potential to connect students, professionals, entrepreneurs, established industry leaders and the greater community around a unique vision of health technology collaboration.

At the beginning of 2019, The HTC kicked off a state-funded feasibility study to validate and/or provide direction for the “Inventor Space” concept.

The conceptual framework for the HTC is centered around a tailored “invention space” that will act as a hub and a catalyst to accelerate health technology development within the state of Oregon, and beyond. The success of an “Inventor Space” has the potential to benefit the public, the private sector, and the state of Oregon by becoming a nexus for contributing to and improving landscape for the healthcare ecosystem while connecting business with education.

Our vision is to connect and enable multiple generations of health technology entrepreneurs.

Meet the Team

Dennis McNannay

Founder & Treasure, HTC | CEO | Former Director, Oregon Biotech | Board Member & Founder, CrossCurrent Inc.

Steve Thompson

Strategic Advisor, and Board Member, HTC | Business & Economic Development | Key Account Management | Partnership Expansion | Government Relations.

Charles Austen Angell

Vice President, HTC & Principle Investigator HIOP Grant | CEO | Former Director: Design Research and Innovation, Intel | Chair Emeritus, Industrial Design Society America | Fellow of the IDSA 2015| Original Board, Design Foundation |Advisory Board Member, Design Museum Portland/Boston

Frank Ille

President and Co-Founder, HTC | CEO | Director of Strategic Alliances, Symphony Services | Global Alliances Manager, Microsoft

Marie Tyvoll

Education Liaison, Program Manager, HTC

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