About the HTC

The Health Technology Collaborative (HTC) is an innovation hub and industrial lab designed to support regional health technology and Internet-of-Things markets. Residents companies include Curadite, HealthSaaS, and Modern Edge Consulting. Formed from the need to be in close proximity with other similar companies, the founders of the HTC know the benefits of this shared experience. In addition to the practicalities of clustering, the focus is to support larger healthcare and technology companies by creating an industry-driven collaborative that can help accelerate product development, partnering and market awareness.

What we do

Through access to shared prototyping equipment, software/cloud services, testing resources, manufacturing/product design expertise, and technology networking, the HTC has the potential to become the “Internet of Medical Things” product development nexus point for entrepreneurs, companies, and students - in Oregon and beyond.

Meet the Team

Our team has over 100 years of business, technology, training, and design experience with complex software and hardware, in a variety of industries.  We have the resources and connections to help with almost any project!


Frank Ille

Co-Founder (HTC) / CEO, HealthSaaS



Austen Angell

 SVP (HTC) / CEO, Modern Edge



Dennis McNannay

Co-Founder (HTC) / CEO, Curadite



Steve Thompson

VP, Strategic Planning (HTC) / Partner, VSG


See how we can help your organization...

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